How does Audible work ? Advantages Disadvantages and Conclusion


Audible – An overview

Audible is a U.S. provider of audiobooks and audio dramas based in Newark, New Jersey. The service was founded in 1995 by Don Katz and has been part of the online retailer since 2007. Audible has a catalog of more than 425,000 titles in 25 languages. As one of the first online audiobook providers, Audible was able to attract a large number of customers shortly after its founding.

Today, millions of people around the world already use the service to entertain themselves with audiobooks and audio plays on the go or at home. Audible can be used both via the website and via mobile apps. To use the content, a monthly subscription is required, which currently costs $9.99. As part of this subscription, the customer receives a so-called credit every month, which he can use for an audiobook or audio play from the Audible range. Otherwise, Audible also allows its customers to rent or buy so-called audiobooks on demand. In view of the great interest, many customers ask themselves the question: How does Audible work?

How does Audible work?

Audible has a wide selection of audiobooks that you can either buy or rent. Otherwise, Audible also offers a paid subscription model that gives you unlimited access to the audiobook library.

How does an Audible subscription work?

If you choose to subscribe, you can either download or stream your audiobooks. Most audiobooks are offered in MP3 format, so you can play them on almost any device. Furthermore, Audible also offers a well-programmed mobile app that allows you to play your audiobooks on your smartphone or tablet.

Audible’s streaming quality is usually very good. In most cases, the audiobooks are offered in CD quality, so you can expect very good sound quality. However, you should note that Audible’s streaming quality may vary depending on your Internet connection. If you have a slow internet connection, the streaming quality may not be that good.

Advantages and disadvantages of Audible

Audible is a great product for those who have a lot of reading to do and still want to enjoy the freedom to devote their time to other things. By subscribing, you can choose one audiobook every month and download and listen to it unlimitedly. This allows you to do something else on the side, such as playing sports or driving a car. However, there are also some disadvantages that should be considered.

Audible Advantages:

  • Flexibility: You can choose a new audiobook every month and download and listen to it indefinitely.

  • No compromises: Since you can listen to the audiobook indefinitely, you don’t have to compromise and can enjoy the audiobook at your own pace.

  • Convenient: Since you can download the audiobook to your cell phone or MP3 player, you can take it with you anywhere and listen to it anytime.

Audible Disadvantages:

  • high cost: The cost of an Audible subscription is relatively high and can add up to a lot of money over time.

  • No physical books: Many people still like to own and hold physical books. This is not possible with Audible.

Audible Audiobook Streaming Service Conclusion

Now that we have dealt with all aspects of Audible and have largely clarified the question of how Audible works, we come to our conclusion.

Audible is a great service in many ways, allowing you to purchase and enjoy audiobooks in a convenient and cost-effective way. At the same time, Audible offers an excellent selection of audiobooks in all genres and for all age groups.

However, there are also some disadvantages that should be taken into account. For example, Audible is not available in all countries and some audiobooks are also only available in English. The cost of the service can also be a bit high for some users.

All in all, though, Audible is a highly recommended service that is definitely worth trying out.


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