How to charge apple pencil and apple pencil 2: Here’s how


Charging the first generation Apple Pencil

How to charge the Apple Pencil? The first Apple Pencil can be charged using two different methods: either directly on the iPad or via a USB port. To charge the Apple Pencil on the iPad, you need to remove the cap on the top of the pencil and plug the exposed Lightning connector into the iPad’s Lightning port. This method works not only for iPad, but also for iPhones with Lightning port. However, if the charge level of your device is low, this method is not recommended because the charge of your iPad or iPhone is used to charge the Apple Pencil. Once the Apple Pencil is sufficiently charged, you can simply pull it out again and close it with the cap to protect it. The second method allows you to charge the Apple Pencil without an iPad or iPhone. The included adapter for the Lightning cable remedies this: With this adapter, the Pencil can also be charged at a USB port.

How to charge the Apple Pencil 2

The new Apple Pencil is only compatible with the new iPad Pro models. Conversely, the first-generation Apple Pencil can only be used with older models. Unlike its predecessor, the Apple Pencil 2 is not completely round, but has the angular shape of a pencil on one side. The second-generation Apple Pencil can be charged without a cable. To do so, you have to pair it with the iPad Pro: Place the Apple Pencil 2 with the flat side against the right side of the iPad. Since this side is magnetic, the pencil now stays there and charges. The advantage: iPad Pro and Apple Pencil can be charged at the same time. However, the iPad is always needed for charging, since the tip can no longer be removed and there is no Lightning port. Therefore, the second generation can no longer be via iPhone or cable.

Charge status of the Apple Pencil

With the first generation, you can read the charge level of the Apple Pencil by opening the notification center on your iPad. The charge level of your iPad is also displayed here. With the new Apple Pencil, the charge level is displayed directly when you clip the Pencil to the right side of your iPad and pair the accessory with the device in this way. An alternative to reading the charge level is the widget and message screen. To do this, swipe to the right from the Home screen.

Apple Pencil charging time

The Apple Pencil charges extremely fast: Within about 30 minutes, the first generation is already fully charged. According to Apple itself, the total usage time is 12 hours. In summary, we can therefore say that there is a good ratio between charging and usage time.

The Apple Pencil can be used in combination with a variety of apps that are specifically tailored to it. This is because Apple’s stylus is not only suitable for writing notes, but also for painting, designing, modeling and much more. We have compiled the most interesting and creative apps in our guide article.


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